In 1861, a group of Christian men and women met in the farm residence of Marshall Randall located two miles west and ½ mile north of Blue Mound. The group wanted a church in their own little rural village. They called as their organizer Mr. Andrew D. Northcutt, the pioneer minister who had been working so tirelessly in the country for about twenty years. Under the leadership of Rev. Northcutt the Randallville Church was organized.

Meetings for public worship were regularly held in the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Randall and in the Randallville schoolhouse until 1873. When the railroad company began to build through Central Illinois it bypassed the little settlement of Randallville and the growth of the village of Blue Mound turned the small Randallville community back into farm fields. When this growing congregation was ready to select a building to be used exclusively for worship and meeting, it seemed more practical to locate in the new village of Blue Mound.

Under the leadership of Elder Northcutt, the congregation met for a time in a church building which was also being used by the United Brethren and the Methodists. The Brethrens sold the building to the members of the Christian Church in 1874 for $2,000.

As the congregation continued to grow a building committee was appointed.   For two years this committee planned and worked so that their hopes for a new building might come to fruition. On December 12, 1903, a deed was made selling the property west of the old building from George W. and Nancy I. Elliott to the church in the amount of $1,500. This corner of Seiberling Street and Lewis Street became known as the Christian Church Corner. In 1905 the house that occupied the property was moved to the south part of the lot. The house was remodeled and became the parsonage.

As soon as the chosen site for the new church building was cleared construction began on what is now the sanctuary of the First Christian Church of Blue Mound.  On July 8, 1906 it was dedicated and the first of many weddings took place in the new church sanctuary.

By 1909 church membership reached 261.  One of the strongest groups within the church was the Ladies Aid Society.  Year after year they worked tirelessly to raise money for special projects and outreach of the church.  After raising funds for the new Church building they began to dream of raising money to build a new parsonage.  The parsonage was located east of the church building and completed in 1922.

In 1923 a fire damaged the sanctuary of the church.  The building was heated by a pipeless furnace with one large register in front of the pulpit.  The Communion Table, which contained a drawer where all church records were kept, was close to this register.  The overheated registered caught the table on fire and it was completely destroyed along with the historical documents of the church.

In 1937 members of the Morganville Christian Church made the decision to close their doors and join the Christian Church in Blue Mound.  The twenty-five members plus their children added immeasurable strength to the church.

The church continued to grow through the war years and beyond.  The church was the center of life for the community.  In 1949 the Church Board made the decision that the present structure was inadequate to accommodate the Sunday school classes and a new annex was built.  This annex is called the Saunders Annex after the Rev. Carl Saunders.

During the 1950’s the Women’s group experienced change and became the Christian Women’s Fellowship. The purpose of this society was a united program of worship, missionary education, fellowship, and service for the women of the church. They held monthly meetings. In the 1990’s this group changed with the times and became known as the Disciple Women’s group. As the culture changed and more and more women joined the work force this group decreased in size and disbanded in 2008.

The First Christian Church of Blue Mound, as it became known in 1991 has always held missions in high esteem. Our church takes great pride in giving to outreach causes and being a mission based church. This church was instrumental in forming the Interchurch Council. The purpose of the council was to achieve Christian unity among the various churches in the community. The Interchurch Council has grown to include churches from the communities of Boody, Stonington and Macon. The Blue Mound and Boody Churches sponsor many community worship services each year, cooperate in extending benevolence to the community, and operate a food pantry that is open most Saturday mornings.

Additional property has been purchased over the years and in recent history the church began an ambitious building project. In 2003 the parsonage was moved to make room for a fellowship hall, commercial kitchen, elevator, handicapped restrooms, office, and church library. The new construction was named after founding pastor A.D. Northcutt.  Most recently has been the renovation and addition of the “Common Grounds – Jesus Café and Youth Center.”  After months of renovating three rooms in the basement of the church middle school and high school youth have a place to call their own. Equipped with a worship center, pool table, ping pong table, foose ball, darts, gaming systems, computers, leather furniture, large screen TV, and a fully stocked refreshment area, our youth are enjoying their new home away from home.

On January 10, 2016 the congregation retired them mortgage of the building project that began in 2003.  The congregation is currently free of all indebtedness.

We are grateful for the service of the men and women who have answered the call to ministry and have faithfully served this church.